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VMware vCenter Orchestrator setup notes and links

by foxynet on January 6, 2010, no comments

Besides following the VMware documentation, the following links were helpful to assist with my setup of VMware vCenter Orchestrator: My vCenter Orchestrator Installation Notes This post let me know the appropriate commands to run via SQLCMD to create and set up the database, namely: CREATE DATABASE VCO; GO CREATE LOGIN [VCOUSER] WITH PASSWORD=”vmware”, DEFAULT_DATABASE=[VCO], CHECK_EXPIRATION=OFF, […]

Making ideas real

by foxynet on May 23, 2009, no comments

It’s not the idea that matters, it’s the execution It’s got to be something you’re passionate about Do one thing and do it well Not very original concepts – can’t remember where I first came across them, but very true I think. It’s not so much about being interested or even passionate about the idea, […]

Scheduled commands in mac osx leopard

by foxynet on September 12, 2008, no comments

So, the problem is that broadband usage is usually metered in Australia, and my current plan allows for 4gb usage in peak and 4gb usage in off peak.  It would be great to have a simple method of forcing “non-interactive” downloads to occur during the off peak period – from memory it’s between midnight and […]

t minus 1405 minutes and counting – again(2) – Apple Wireless Keyboard

by foxynet on October 16, 2007, no comments

So … the Apple store I ordered the Mac Mini from couriered … the wrong computer … back from their other store. Groan. At least I talked them into giving me a discount on a new Apple Wireless Keyboard. It doesn’t want to work with my Windows laptop, worked first time with a friend’s TiBook […]

The Blog

by foxynet on October 14, 2007, no comments

So, an initial list of things to do for the blog: OpenID authentication for comments Blogroll (managed via Google Reader) Atom feeds (default) Personal (social) graph Adwords SEO Theming

t minus 1405 minutes and counting

by foxynet on October 14, 2007, one comment

Setting up a mythtv box has been on the todo list for quite a while. Since the planets have aligned, I figured I might as well blog about it, so here it is. The plan Learn about DTV the easy way (COMPLETE). Call me a wimp, but I used Elgato EyeTV on my iMac G5 […]